Lana Hart - The Magic Mirror (The Curious Collectibles, #2). PDF

PDF Ten years ago, Jack Snow made a terrible mistake...

Fresh out of the police academy, Jack Snow returns home to find things have changed. His house is dark, the lawn is overgrown, and his mother looks like a ghost. Whispers come from her room late at night, the voice of a man Jack doesn't know, has never seen, and yet sounds eerily similar to his dead father.

All after the purchase of a silver hand mirror from a strange little antique store down the road.

As he tries to piece the mystery together, he is haunted by a tarot reading performed by the enigmatic Mrs. Clathermont, who foretells he will sacrifice that which he loves most. Will it be his high school sweetheart, Misty Ryder? His ailing mother? Or the career he's spent a lifetime pursuing?

More importantly, does he have a choice in the matter?

SPECIAL FEATURES: Includes the first two chapters of the novel The Haunted Lingerie, the direct sequel.

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