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Jo was a hesitant young woman lacking confidence in herself, pining for love and not knowing how to find it, keep it, or be it because of a negligent mother who put all of her interest and love into Jo’s younger sister, Emily.Jo’s father died when she was young so she had little experience with the masculine personality.Because she was so withdrawn and a doormat, even her schoolmates and co-workers on the job laughed and made fun of her.She was intelligent, well educated but too shy to orally express herself and as a result, she lost out in almost every aspect of life.Once even when she was dating a young man, Ryan ,and fell in love with him, when he saw Emily, he dropped Jo and eventually asked Emily to marry him.

When Jo’s father died, he left little to support her mother, who had no vocation, but was aggressive and demanded that Jo pay her rent and utilities, even though she had no use for Jo otherwise.Jo, being the doormat that she was, did so and accepted Emily and Ryan’s engagement without any bitterness towards Emily.But Ryan’s betrayal devastated Jo’s personal image, leaving her to believe that no man would ever love her.That she was nothing.

A stranger, a tall attractive man, Mark, walked into her office seeking someone else.He immediately became attentive to Jo and began sharing lunch with her.The story centers around Jo and Mark getting to know each other, walking away several times because of lack of communication or misunderstandings, but circumstances caused both Mark and Jo to mature if they were ever to become whole.Like all good romances, this story follows the usual plot but with an indepth study of both Mark and Jo.It is well written, is an easy read and I liked it.

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