Titus Livy - Hannibal's War (Oxford World's Classics) (Oxford World's Classics) (Bks. 21-30). PDF

PDF Livy's great history of Rome contains, in Books 21 to 30, the definitive ancient account of Hannibal's invasion of Italy in 218 BC, and the war he fought with the Romans over the following sixteen years.
Livy's gripping storytelling vividly conveys the drama of the great battles, and individuals as well as events are brought powerfully to slife.
This new translation captures the brilliance of Livy's style, and is accompanied by a fascinating introduction and notes. The comprehensive introduction examines Livy, his work, his historical accuracy, his sources, and the course of Hannibal's campaign by a scholar well known for his work on Hannibal and his times. The edition includes a glossary of Roman and Carthaginian terms, a chronological table, an index, a series of detailed maps, and a discussion of the route of Hannibal from the south of Spain over the Alps to Italy. This wonderfully complete edition is perfect for lovers of classical literature, those with an interest in ancient or military history, and students in an array of classes.

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