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PDF Junya Kinsella is an author who has made it into the top ten bestsellers list. Why then does his editor show up one day with an order for him to write something different, most specifically - a boy's love novel - yes that kind of novel - the tension, the romance, the works.

Not one to critisise another's choice of partner he personally wants nothing to do with boys and their loving - thanks very much! When his editor says it's that or the streets Junya gives in - and fails.

Desperate he goes to his best friend for advice - a last resort as his best friend is in that kind of relationship. All he gets is teased and thinking his friend is going to be no help he stomps off preparing to find a nice cosy corner of the street to curl up and die in... and then into his life steps an unconventional mischief commonly referred to as Seki.

A YAOI styled novel. Contains mature language intended for mature audiences with an interest in M/M relationships - contains explicit homosexual material.

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