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PDF In 1901, Annie Edson Taylor got a big idea that she thought just might change her rotten luck. With the threat of the poorhouse looming over her head, she decided to make her own destiny by daring the impossible: barreling over Niagara Falls. In this bold, life-changing adventure, readers follow the sixty-three-year-old daredevil's search for fame and fortune. This inspirational children's book details Annie's journey as she works to design a barrel that will take her safely over the falls. She prepares for her spectacular act-combating every challenge along the way-and plans to use her fame to travel the world, making her fortune from the fans who will pay to hear her story. Find out if Annie's daring exploits brought her the glory she desired in this tale of perseverance and courage. Accompanied by vivid illustrations of turn-of-the-century Niagara Falls, New York, this story also includes the tales of those who followed in her footsteps and took the plunge for themselves.

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