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His Life.

Charles Spurgeon was born to John and Eliza Spurgeon on June 19, 1834. Beset with financial difficulties, John and Eliza made the decision to let Charles live with his grandparents from the time Charles was 14 months old until sometime during his sixth year. It was in this home, which breathed happy indulgence, that Charles’ first curiosities concerning God and man were fostered and answered by his grandfather, James Spurgeon, who was a pastor.

Although he returned to his own parent’s home while still a child, the time Charles spent with his grandparents had been formulative. If he had a question, he did not attempt to squelch or conceal it, but instead sought out the answer with frank zeal. This earnestness served him well in his academic studies and he excelled in his subjects.

By the time that Charles was seventeen, his zeal for the Gospel of Christ was such that he began preaching to a congregation in Waterbeach, and he continued preaching there for two years until he was invited to preach permanently at New Park Street Chapel in London. He was but nineteen years old.

Here, as in Waterbeach, Charles’ fervent, down to earth style served in good stead and although he preached the hard truths of the Gospel, his congregation nevertheless multiplied. It was also through his position as pastor at New Park Street Chapel that Charles met Susannah Thompson, the woman whom he eventually married and with whom he spent thirty-five happy years.

Charles never left his post as pastor to his congregation, although both the name of the church and the location of its meetings changed multiple times. The culmination of years of hard work led finally to the establishing of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, where Spurgeon continued to give messages until the year he died.

Conclusion. A fine biography – it treats fairly the various controversial doctrines Spurgeon believed as well as the controversies he was involved in. Short, but good.

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