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PDF I enjoyed this book, a book club choice, more than I thought I would. It tells the story of two brothers leaving home in search of fame and fortune as entertainers in America. Older brother Cled is a talented musician playing both trumpet and piano, and he is also the story's imperfect narrator - a man whose own foibles are quite transparent but who fails to grasp the underlying tensions In his own family. What Cled particularly lacks is charisma and this Selwyn, his younger, less musically talented brother has in vast quantities, along with drive and a flair for connecting with people.Sel is the sole focus of their dreadful Mam's ambitions - no one else interests her. As the brothers work hard to get their lucky break, Sel's life trajectory parallels that of Liberace, 'Mr Showmanship', who was known for his outfits, houses, television shows, advertising ,,, and reluctance to leave the closet. It is difficult to say much more without giving some of the final plot twists away. Ultimately this is quite a sad and poignant tale

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