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PDF What would you fight for? What would you die for?

Though trained in the arts of war, these questions had never occurred to Senndra, an orphan following in her father's footsteps, or Josiah, the ideal military cadet. When the two meet during an event meant to foster a solid relationship between their academies, they find themselves forced into battle with a forgotten evil. The combined elf, ogre, orc, and human armies could meet this invasion on fair terms, but strained relations between the races have made this possibility uncertain.

For now Senndra, Josiah, and their comrades are all that stand between a massive army and total annihilation of their country, Magessa. Facing horrific odds, the young cadets have no hope of defeating the invading horde. It will be all that they can do to simply stave off the inevitable slaughter, but personal conflict, physical challenge, and internal struggle gets in the way. "How could God allow this to happen?" is the question running through their minds; a question made more poignant by the taunting of the enemy. Will Senndra, Josiah, and their friends be able to maintain their faith, overcome their trials, and find the strength to finally realize themselves as the Guardians of Magessa?

*Synopsis: The story follows a group of cadets that find themselves thrown into battle against the dwarf army of evil Molkekk. Their skill and their faith in Elohim are tested as they face overwhelming odds and circumstances.

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