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PDF The epic fantasy “The Language of Stones” trilogy continues. In the peaceful village of Nether Norton life goes on as it has for countless centuries in the Vale.The villagers celebrate the harvest and Will looks back fondly on the last two years, but a feeling of unease is stirring inside him, and seeing an unnatural storm on the horizon he feels that his past is coming back to haunt him.

Four years ago Will cracked the mighty Doomstone in half and so brought the bloody battle of Verlamion to an end.It seemed then that the lust for war in men’s hearts had been calmed forever.But now the light in the sky heralds a new threat, and Will calls on Gwydion, a wizard of deep knowledge and power, once known as Merlyn, for advice.Gwydion suspects the hand of his old enemy, the sorcerer Maskull.The battlestones that are scattered thoughout the Realm are once again working to hasten a devasting war between King Hal and Duke Richard of Ebor – and Maskull intends to manipulate them both to his own sinister ends.
Only, Will, whom Gwydion believes to be an incarnation of King Arthur, has the skill to break the power of the battlestones.When Will last left Nether Norton he was an unworldly youth of thirteen.Now he is a husband and father, he has a lot more to lose.But he has a whole Realm to save.

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