Ian Hocking - Flashback (The Saskia Brandt Series, #2). PDF

PDF In 1947 a Santiago-bound plane crashes into the Andes minutes after confirming its landing time.

In 2003 a passenger plane nosedives into the Bavarian National Forest during a routine flight.

Although separated by more than 50 years, these tragedies are linked by seven letters:

S, T, E, N, D, E, C.

On board Flight DFU323 in 2003 is Saskia Brandt - a woman who holds the answers to the many puzzles of the two flights and who knows she must survive in order to prevent a catastrophic chain of events stretching well into the future.

But Saskia is not the only one to know this. She is being followed and her life is in danger - inside and outside of the plane.

Filled with twists and turns as it trips skilfully through time, Flashback is a gripping technothriller that reaches more than fifty years into our past - and one hundred years into our future - to solve the enigmas of the doomed Star Dust and Flight DFU323.

But is it enough to solve the enigma that is Saskia Brandt?

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