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The Bread and-and-Butter Indian by Anne Colver is an illsutrated chapter book which tells the story about a young girl Barbara, and her new-found Indiana friend. The problem is, the village in which Barbara lives looks very negatively upon Indians, because in the past, Indiana tribes came and burnt down several houses within Barbara's village. The village, Burnt Cabins, got its name the past incident involving the Indians. Although Barbara has been warned against making any contact with any Indianas she may cross, she dares to share her special treat of bread, butter, and sugar with an Indian across the river. The Indian graciously accepts her offer, and the Indiana and Barbara continue to meet on a regular basis, all the while making sure their visits remain a secret. When Barbara comes across other Indians who are not friendly, she is taken from her home and scared and alone. However, because she made an Indian friend and treated him with respect, her Indian friend comes to her rescue. I like this book because it is set in western pa, which if I continue to teach in this area, the students can relate to.I would also use this story when teaching about the French and Indian war, because it provides good examples of how the Indians were viewed by others during this time period. This book also incorporates how members of the village fought in the revolutionary war, and can be used when introducing George Washington and his impact on America. This book also discusses how Pennsylvania was once a colony, and became a state, so this book can be used when talking about the thirteen colonies.This story illustrates how friendship and bonds can be made when stereotypes are overlooked. It teachers students about events in history and how they affected society, as well as many generalizations and beliefs that were held of certain villages and Indiana groups in the late 1700's.

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