PDF Kalli Purie has struggled with her weight since childhood and has finally found a weight she is happy with. Mostly. The diets featured here are structured rather like episodes in her life, full of characters, anecdotes and juicy nuggets of weight wisdom – from surya namaskars set to Bollywood beats to drastic coconut water diets, from a dark experiment with bulimia to a love affair with the self-concocted champagne diet.

In this candid tell-all, Kalli looks at weight related complexes, myths and dilemmas straight in the eye and tells us not just what to do but how to do it. Kilo by kilo.

The story of weight lost and a life gained, Confessions of a Serial Dieter will make you believe you can do it, whether it’s losing those stubborn last three kilos or chasing your dream!

‘Kalli has demystified the process of living a healthy, fit and
life. People’s lifestyles have changed, dramatically
associated health challenges. This book is a candid
of surmounting weightloss challenges, lucidly
illustrated through Kalli’s own experiments and experiences.
Life is indeed about choices and decisions and Kalli gracefully
us to some of the most important ones. This book will
inspire anyone who is in the pursuit of change!’
Nita Ambani

‘My weight has always been a battle. It’s something that is
very close to my heart. Being thin is about so much more
than just your weight. For no matter how thin I get, inside I’ll
always be a fat girl. Only a fellow dieter can understand that.’
Sonam Kapoor

Weight loss is not just about shedding kilos, it’s an emotional
journey. Dieticians don’t get that, Serial Dieter does.’
Sonakshi Sinha

‘Reading Serial Dieter was like reading my own life story.
This is the first diet book that gives tips that may not be
approved by dieticians but are real. Tried and tested. It takes
one dieter to know another. And she is one helluva dieter.
She has done 43 diets, I have done 40, so the coffee hamper
for now goes to her.’
Karan Johar

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