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PDF Tara's body arrives at the Durapasya temple. As Swamiji is about to complete the ceremony by sacrificing Tara so the Devi entity can then inhabit her body, Rahul interrupts. His victory is short lived as Iyam and Kratha break their way in and the Durapasya go to arms against all the intruders. Swamiji is killed by Kratha as he again is about to sacrifice Tara, and Agantuk engages her to prevent Tara's death.

In her soma-induced state, Tara is blessed by all the Gods with abilities to aid her in her duties, the last of which is Bodha. Tara/Devi is then infused back into Tara's body and erupts in a great explosion. But, it is not only the Devi entity within the body, but Tara as well. She has become a new kind of Devi, one that is both human and divine. Seeing Rahul, Tara takes him up and refuses to go with the Durapasya as she feels used.

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