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PDF "Information Governance and Security" shows managers in any size organization how to create and implement the policies, procedures and training necessary to keep their organization s most important asset-its proprietary information-safe from cyber and physical compromise.

Many intrusions can be prevented if appropriate precautions are taken, and this book establishes the enterprise-level systems and disciplines necessary for managing all the information generated by an organization. In addition, the book encompasses the human element by considering proprietary information lost, damaged, or destroyed through negligence. By implementing the policies and procedures outlined in "Information Governance and Security," organizations can proactively protect their reputation against the threats that most managers have never even thought of.
Provides a step-by-step outline for developing an information governance policy that is appropriate for your organizationIncludes real-world examples and cases to help illustrate key concepts and issuesHighlights standard information governance issues while addressing the circumstances unique to small, medium, and large companies"

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