Gavin Hetherington - Ashes of the Innocent (Abyssal Sanctuary, #2). PDF

PDF One week has passed since the Bellisario family massacre and the staff of the Pandora Café try their best to move on from the fateful night they endured. But still they need answers and unfortunately for them, they are going to get some in the cruelest ways imaginable.

Christina Mayer still searches for her missing brother and friend and is sent to a town beneath Lakefield View to save him and Katherine, but what will she find when she gets there? Tiffany Hawkins wakes up in a coffin buried in the graveyard and finds herself at the mercy of a satanic cult that don’t want to let her go without getting what they wanted. Justin Rutherford digs into his missing boyfriend’s past when some shocking revelations come out in the wash with a vengeful ghost, who Justin thinks is Hunter, takes its fury out on him. Eric Watson learns the hard way of his girlfriend’s secret and pays the price for being a good guy, learning that in order to be a good guy; he has to make some downright bad choices. And Carmen Stevens has to deal with the fallout from being caught with her deceased brother and is kicked out of her home, but finds refuge at a loving couple’s home. Only thing is, the only love the couple feels is the love to kill.

Despite their personal dilemmas, the characters’ storylines again entwine until they are left fighting for their lives from some past foes to reach a chilling climax. Every scandalous secret is exposed and new questions arise in Lakefield View as a race against the clock makes their deaths just a matter of time.

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