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Alright, so because I lovedWatchmen so much, I decided to try out this comic for size. I usually really like Moore's storylines and I adored the movie, so I figured why the hell not, I'll try it.

Now I know that a lot of people complained and gave the movie shit. I also know that a lot of people hated the interpretation of the various literary characters presented in the story.

I didn't.

I know, I know. I've previously whined about the terribleJoker adaption that I recently read, but really, these characters didn't piss me off to that extent.

Each of them had their own special persona and overall it was a nice decent read. The artwork wasn't bad, but it wasn't the best I've seen. I think that the reason why I didn't fall completely in love, was because I actually liked the movie more. Crazy right? It's a pretty rare occurrence, but it's just my opinion people.


-Bond is fucking massive in this. You could fit 5 Miss Murrays into his massive build—probably because she's a twig with huge tits.

-And here, Miss Murray goes to collect the famous opium-doped Mr. Quatermain (possible love interest? Ew-ith). She almost gets graped in the process.

-The man with no name, Captain Nemo saves them (aka. Gay Indian Pirate)

-They find Dr. Hyde—by Miss Murray dressing like a prostitute ;)

-They find their last crew member, Griffin, some invisible man chilling at a girl's (dominatrix) school by hearing him rape/have-sex-with-a-girl-in-the-air/wtf-is-going-on??

-Steals awesome-weapon-bomb shit from an evil Asian caricature.


-Good wins. The end.

Also, where were Tom Sawyer and Dorian? Were they just added into the movie for the full literary experience? Was Mina Harker (referred to as Miss Murray in the comic) being a vampire only in the movie too?—this, along with other reasons, is why I liked the movie more. I mean Dorian was my favorite character (and him not being in the comic was rather upsetting):

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