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PDF Carol Marinelli is one of my fave authors, but while this story-line is up to her standard, there was an underlying inability to suspend belief and imagine that this was NYC. That detracted majorly from my enjoyment and appreciation of the story.

Would have really enjoyed this book and rated it higher, but... it so obviously was an Australian author pretending that the characters were American, and that sapped the enjoyment of what is an otherwise excellent story.

The story is set in NYC, but in name only. Never got the feel of that glorious city, where CABS are used, not taxis, Ms Marinelli! People go for COFFEE, not A coffee; a woman has a BUTT not a bum, he'd get a JERSEY not a top; and things wouldn't be BRILLIANT, they'd be great or fantastic or some other descriptor. Could go on, but you get the picture.

I am not American, nor live in the US, but have visited enough times and seen enough TV to pick up on these grating errors. And good culturally aware editing would/should have corrected these. Isn't Harlequin/M&B one company? So, an editor across the pond couldn't have worked here?

In today's world, and from a publisher like this, there's really no excuse for sloppy editing. Please step up your game.

Hope that the others in this series are better edited, and New York isn't just stuck in as an irrelevant backdrop.

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