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WARNING:This is not the actual book The New Digital Age by Google's Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen.Do not buy this summary & analysis if you are looking for a full copy of this highly informative and intriguing book, which can be found back on the Amazon search page.

Instead, we already read The New Digital Age and pulled out some of the biggest insights, ideas and take-away points to give you a comprehensive chapter-by-chapter summary & analysis.In doing so, unfortunately we do not have the space to include all of the many great ideas and anecdotes found in the book.To get it all, we encourage you to order the full book.This concise summary & analysis from Save Time Summaries works great as an unofficial study guide or companion to read alongside The New Digital Age.

by Google's Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is undoubtedly one of the world's best-positioned people to discuss the fascinating technologies that are in store for us in the near future, having had privileged access to potentially revolutionary projects that are already in development.Google Ideas director Jared Cohen, meanwhile, is one of the world's leading foreign policy and world affairs experts, having previously served as a policy adviser to Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice.In The New Digital Age, they go where no book has gone before, providing unprecedented vision and insight into how future technological breakthroughs and near-universal connectivity will likely impact world affairs, nation-states, and human society.

With this highly informative and at times fascinating book, we get a peek inside the minds of two of the world’s leading thinkers as they analyze the myriad ways in which these continued developments will revolutionize our lives and our world.Some readers may worry that their future predictions read too much like a science fiction novel.Nevertheless, each of the future technologies the authors describe – from mind-controlled prosthetic limbs, to life-like holographic virtual meetings, to autonomous robotic housekeeping devices – are in fact realistic projections with real-life projects already in research & development by some of the world’s smartest innovators and engineers who have the financial backing of hard-nosed venture capitalists or corporations.

In this summary, you will learn....

•How our lives will change in a world filled with driverless cars, 3D printers, "Google Glasses", and holographic virtual business meetings

•Why parents might soon decide to have a talk with their kids about online security and privacy even before they talk about birds and bees.

•Why future secret police "will often find a handset more valuable than a gun"

•Why the internet may become "balkanized"

•How a potential "Code War" might play out

All this and much more!


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