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PDF New to the neighborhood. This Aussie girl moved all the way to Dallas in search of a new life. Not expecting her mundane world to ever change, but it did. The moment Alyssa heard the Texan accent of the tradesman she'd just hired her mind unravelled, her heart dropped. For the first time in years a man had made her nervous flutters take flight. Heat flushed throughout her body as if a heat wave was the hottest ever recorded in history. Alyssa pivoted on the spot to be met with Marshell's piercing green eyes that screamed he was not innocent. Nothing innocent is what she needed for a change. The image of him working wonders on her clit invaded her mind and the fact that he'd turned up on her doorstep without a shirt on made her horny as hell. She wanted his defined hip bones, his strong arms and his overwhelming good looks to over power her and be the one. She wanted Marshell's help to get her back on the horse and ride a cowboy.

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