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PDF It's amazing to think one sniper could so take over a city and last so long against determined if disorganized response from police and allies. Essex's experiences of racism in the Navy are both a deadly spark and an Indictment of the institution at that time. I love a good conspiracy theory, but it really looks like Essex went over the edge, acted alone, and reports of additional sharpshooters or co- conspirators is the result of confusion and reverberating fear like aftershocks from this solo act of episodic and increasing acts of terrorism.

The very last chapter is too chilling to spoil here. However, you can get a feel for the threat inherent in Essex' actions in "Inner city blues (poem the siege of new orleans)" by Gil Scott-Heron, specifically the cover version he recorded on the 'Reflections' album with the rap about Essex, no the Marvin Gaye original.

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