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PDF Caspar Goldstein is the star of the steam car racing scene in the city of Eisenstadt. All he cares about is winning the coveted Autocarriage Cup, and he’s in with a chance—until a crash at the track throws his plans into disarray. When a chance discovery brings a new superfuel into his life, he can’t resist the opportunity to claim some for himself.

But when black mercury powers the first ever flight to the mysterious Drifting Isle, its fame quickly spreads—and everyone wants what Caspar’s got. He’s made a grave mistake, but it’s too late to back out now. Unsure who to trust, Cas must rely on his few true friends for help; but how can inventors, autocarriage drivers and pigeons hope to face down the deadliest of assassins and thieves?

Black Mercury is a title in the Drifting Isle Chronicles series, an original steampunk/high fantasy world created by an international team of authors.

The first three titles in the series (which can be read in any order) are:

Black Mercury by Charlotte E. English
The Kaiser Affair by Joseph Robert Lewis
The Machine God by MeiLin Miranda

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