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PDF In his visionary new book George Gilder brilliantly and persuasively outlines the sweeping new developments in computer and fiber optic technology that spell certain death to traditional television and telephony. In their places, he argues, will emerge a new paradigm in which people-to-people communications give way to links among computers to be found in every home and office. The rise of the telecomputer (or "teleputer") will utterly transform the way we do business, educate our children, and spend our leisure time, and will imperil such large, centralized, top-down organizations as cable networks, phone companies, government bureaucracies, and multinational corporations. The stultifying influence of the mass media will give way to the power of the individual and the spread of democracy - and all through a technology in which America leads the world. The paperback edition of Life After Television has been completely revised and expanded to include almost fifty percent material new to this edition. George Gilder's liberating book is now, more than ever, an essential tool for a richer, more prosperous future for all citizens of the Computer Age.

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