Diane Mowat - New Yorkers (Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 2). PDF

PDF 1. level 2

2. 30 minutes

3. a man, lawyer,forget, wife,friends,train,sad

4. a) A man has a good wife,good job, and good friends.
His life wasfull of happy. He was a very good lawyer.
So he was working very hard.
His one of the friends is a doctor.
The friend was worried about him.
Because there is a disease which become to forget everything.
It is happen to busy people.
So the friend often told him not too hard work.
But suddenly he forgot who he is.

b) I liked the scene at the hotel. He couldn't remember his house.
So he was staying hotel.He also forgot his name.
So he named after another name himself.
But one woman showed up at the hotel.She was his friend.
So she called his name. He couldn't understand.
But Her name was same with him.
So he realized his name is not real name.It was so strange.

5. I could enjoy.There are many short stories in this book.
So I read easily. All stories are little strange.
It's not happen to real world. So it was interesting.
I surprised the conclusion of everytime I read each stories.

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