Erica Wolf - The Jesus Prophet Model - Not Wall Street PROFIT Model! (Prophet Model Series Book 3). PDF

PDF If you are just another sacrilegious non-believer, psycho-gender misfit, or other mentally imbalanced soul looking for a collection of mindless commentary on the state of the Christian Church in America, THIS BOOK IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR YOU!

Oh, how the Wall Street Psycho-Gender Hates this little Book and Fears the Content Even More, which is precisely why you will Love the content of this book and the authors Dedication to Christ and the Jesus Prophet Model.

On the other hand, if you are among those who are discontent with your current spiritual quest, or you desire a far more meaningful experience from your religious experience, then this book may have answers you are seeking.

“The Jesus Prophet Model - NOT Greed Driven PROFIT Model” is more than the title of this controversial new book from Erica Wolf.

“The Jesus Prophet Model” has become the question of the day, in a world where Wall Street holds reign over what our Christian Church looks like from the pulpit, right down to the financial structure upon which it stands.

Clearly, Wall Street has had far too much control and influence over our Christian Church in America, and perhaps even the world!

The information contained in “The Jesus Prophet Model” offers new insights on what might be wrong with our current church or religious experience, and offers a new direction for bringing true spirituality back into our lives, and our church.

The greed driven psycho-genders on Wall Street have been assuming more and more control for far too long now, only now their siege appears to have evolved into outright warfare!

“The Jesus Prophet Model” takes us on a journey that follows the development of the Corporate Church in America, and focuses on how the Power Elite and their Friends have co-opted our Christian Church to act as servant of Wall Street, rather than servant to Jesus or God.

The author discusses how the Christian Church in America went from being a Community Church in service to God and the community of man, to becoming the Corporate Church, Inc in service to Wall Street Elites and their Corporate Psycho-Gender Accomplices.

In this highly insightful book, the author discuses how and why Wall Street Shysters were able to design a policy that would eventually force Christ out of the Christ-ian Church in America, and impose themselves as God and proprietor of all things Christ-ian.

The author discuses how our Christian Church needs to focus on the Jesus Prophet Model, and discard the Wall Street Profit Model for what it is!

Furthermore, our embracing of Christ is a process that does not simply involve the congregations of most Christ-ian Churches, but focuses directly on our clergy!

Our clergy need to realize how they are defined by every action they take, or do not take, everything they say, or do not say, everything they do, or do not do, and ultimately not according to what they tell our congregations they must say and do!

Our clergy must begin to reflect the Christ-ian or “Christ-like” Prophet Model, with everything they say, and everything they do, always being a reflection of Jesus, and the Prophet Model in every way!

As true Christ-ians, we need to see the world through the eyes of Christ, and the Prophet Model, and act accordingly in everything we say and do.

The difficult times we are facing today present us all with the perfect opportunity to embrace our Christ-ian Spirituality, to embrace our Jesus Prophet Model, and learn to embrace Jesus as our true Spiritual Leader!

Now is the perfect time to embrace the spiritual journey necessary for bringing our Chris

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