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PDF The result of decades of research and work, the Encyclopaedia of Islam is generally acclaimed as one of the major scholarly enterprises of this century. Its sheer size and scope is enormous. Its thousands of pages contain a true mine of information of immense value for any student and researcher of the Islamic world.This invaluable reference work is now available on CD-ROM and greatly helps you with your research. It facilitates easy searching in this huge body of information. Further details:
— Includes volumes 1-10 of the Encyclopaedia of Islam; one free update scheduled in 2002
— Including Index of Proper Names, Index of Subjects, Glossary and Index of Terms
— Extensive, fully searchable, bibliographies
— Export and printing options
— Searches possible in both Arabic transcription and in English
— Designed for optimal performance under Windows 95/98/NT/2000

Recommended configuration: Pentium 133, 32 MB RAM, SVGA 640x480 256 colors, 8x CD-Rom player. Minimum: Pentium 60, 16 MB RAM, SVGA 640x480 256 colors, 4x CD-Rom player.

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