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PDF Do you constantly experiencing the following symptoms:
1) Stress out from work, money and relationship?
2) Depressed over your life situations and feel that you are trapped?
3) Unable to sleep well at night?
4) Feels empty inside and wish for more spirituality in your life?
5) Angry at the world for not 'treating' you well?
6) Lacks concentrations at work or at home?

If you answer yes to any of these, then welcome to the modern world! In this modern and ever changing world, we are constantly fighting to stay ahead. Increasingly, we are losing the battle in the form of less time, less energy and less happiness.

Meditation is the alternative treatment to our modern woes. It helps us to realize that happiness lies within us and not in the material goods.

Meditation is able to help us:
1) Reduce stress,
2) End depression,
3) Curb anger,
4) Sleep soundly at night,
5) Promote spirituality, and
6) Enhance concentrations

In short, it is the path to happiness!

In part A of this step by step guide, Betty Johnson begins by introducing us to the concept of meditation, its common misconceptions and then walks us through how to prepare ourselves and environment for meditation. Then, the author cautions us to the hindrance of meditation and states the reasons why a lot of people gives us meditation before they can reaps the benefits and shows them the ways to overcome them. There is a chapter on choosing a good meditation class and retreats.
In Part B, Betty shows us 7 illustrated step by step guide on meditation techniques to:
1) relaxation / reducing anxiety and stress
2) concentration / mindfulness
3) reducing anger / cultivating loving kindness
4) reducing depression / increasing happiness
5) good sleep
6) spirituality / clear seeing
7) yoga / health
Download this guide today and learn about the amazing power of meditation!

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