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PDF Might we be parts of a divine mind? Could anything like an afterlife make sense? Starting with a Platonic answer to why the world exists, "Immortality Defended" suggests we could well be immortal in all of three separate ways. Tackles the fundamental questions posed by our very existence, among them, "why does the cosmos exist?," "is there a divine mind or God?," and "in what sense might we have afterlives?"
Defends a belief in immortality, without the need for a religious affiliation or rejection of modern science
Explores the ideas of "Einsteinian immortality," the divine afterlife, and the theory of an infinite and divine mind
Draws from the work of a wide-range of philosophers, from ancient Greece to the present day, and incorporates up-to-date scientific findings
Written in a thought-provoking and engaging manner, accessible to anyone intrigued by the wonder of our being

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