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PDF Increase Your Book Sales By 50% In Less Than Three Days. I've sold hundreds of thousands of my own ebooks with a proprietary methodology I call Attract Engage Convert. I'm going to show you how to use it to become a Kindle Best Seller. This Book Is Designed For Writers Who Don't Understand Technology Or Marketing. There are only 12 steps to successful Kindle selling and I show you how to do each of them with step-by-step directions, including picture tutorials. You'll learn how to: Rank On Page 1 Of Amazon's Search Engine Within 24 Hours. You can't be bought if you can't be found. As an SEO expert I've gotten every one of my books on Page 1 of Amazon's search results, and I'm going to show you how you can do it, too. The secret is using Amazon's little-known "Leading Indicators," a series of clues that tell you exactly what keyword phrases people use to find books like yours. Sell More Books On Kindle By Using Photos And Font Styles Like Bold or Italics In Your Book Description. I'll show you simple ways to use font styles like italicize, bold, and utilize color and pictures to make your page look like a million bucks. Notice how the formatting on this page sets it apart from the competition. It reads better, looks better and communicates value. You can create this kind of look in your own book page with my step-by-step guide to using Amazon's HTML code. Just copy/paste and you're done. More Things You'll Learn about Kindle Publishing & Marketing. This guide will show you how to: Create magnificent book covers and develop must-click titles Pick the right categories to list your book Pick from five of the most effective launch prices Test post-launch prices Get reviews that make people want to buy your book Use the Look Inside Feature to sell more books on Kindle Read Vivid Case Studies Of How I Turned My Client's Underperforming Books Into Bestsellers. I'm a book marketing consultant as well as a successful independent author. See how I used the principles of my Attract Engage Convert book marketing strategy to dramatically increase sales of basement-dwelling titles (the authors and publishers allowed me to use their real names). Find Out How Many Books Your Competitors Are Selling! I commissioned a statistician to develop a formula showing daily sales for every book on Amazon. Just check your competitor's sales rank then look at the chart in Chapter 15-it'll tell you how many books they sold that day! This Book Will Save You From The Time Sucking, No-Value Vortex Of Blogging, Facebook and Twitter. I will show you convincing industry research that social media is the least effective way to sell books on Kindle. About The Author. When I published my first books on Kindle, I'd check my anemic sales and let out a string of cuss words that made my dog blush. Then I developed my Attract Engage Convert strategy and sales took off. As word got out that I sold over 100,000 ebooks, authors and publishers flocked to me for advice, attracted to the methodical ways I turned guerilla marketing tactics into stellar revenue. These strategies work for me, they work for my clients, and they will work for you. Believe in your books. Nobody believed in mine and now I make a great living as a writer. You can too by following my formula.

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