William R. Forstchen - The Crystal Warriors (Crystal, #1). PDF

PDF What the hell was this book? I remember it coming in a big lot of other fantasy books I was given at the time and this one just demanding my attention. Out of that vast lot, 8 or 9 boxes worth (jackpot!) something drew me into the book...probably the ridiculous cover art. Just look at it...take your time. Let it sink in.

OK. So I had to figure out what was going on, and what the book turned out to be was a pretty tame tale of a group of Japanese and American soldiers who get pulled into this world called Haven, a map is supplied even though it's terribly unnecessary, and must train as Crystal Warriors, together, to defeat some evil. Excuse me, EVIL.

Both the Americans and the Japanese learn that both sides are human and maybe we can all get along! It gets three stars because it did pass the time well enough and I don't remember there being any of the really cringe-worthy parts that most of these odd-ball fantasy novels provide.

Never read the sequel, but it was pretty obvious there was one when I finished this.

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